The holidays are upon us. Not only does it create the desire to give to our loved ones, but also to those who are in dire need over the holidays, like sick children in a hospital.

I see many gifts of toys and candy given to children in the hospital over the holidays. It is a beautiful gesture and the kids love the toys (for a while). Then they go back to getting very little the rest of the year, feeling unsatisfied, or even go back to focusing on their illness.

My proposal is simple. Let’s give them something more, something that will last, something that will provide them with emotional relief, something that will empower them to make wiser decisions and even have a vision of the future.

EFT Tapping does that. It helps reduce stress hormones, which in turn helps release fear and trauma. Once calm it is easier to envision one’s recovery and move toward it.

Giving the gift of “The Dragon with Flames of Love” is a way to provide relief and emotional support that will last and last.

Be a part of the growing community helping children around the world.



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The Dragon with Flames of Love - an EFT book to help children with serious illnesses The Dragon with Flames of Love - an EFT book to help children with serious illnesses
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