The Dragon with Flames of Love - an EFT book to help children with serious illnesses

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Deborah Shares Her Expertise
Deborah D. Miller, in her book “The Dragon with Flames of Love,” is dedicated to empowering parents and children facing the challenge of a serious illness. Her hands-on experience, the real-life examples and the beautifully illustrated presentation provide a rich resource for improving the quality of life of the child and loved ones coping with the illness.

In addition, her explanations of the highly effective tool EFT (Tapping) and ways to support the child and family members serve to educate and support anyone who is dedicated to helping children and their families.

Deborah’s wisdom, love and compassion are felt throughout the book. She will inspire you as well as bring relief, peace and hope. The Dragon with Flames of Love is truly a gift for children and those who love them.

Beautifully Illustrated

Rodolfo, The EFT Champion

Rodolfo, The EFT Champion

About Deborah
Deborah D. Miller, Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology is passionate about helping people feel empowered and capable of maintaining a healthy state of mind and body. She understands the necessity of working with the emotional aspects underlying ‘dis-ease’ within the body and the need to cleanse and nourish the physical body.

Helping children with cancer has led Deborah to a heart-felt, passionate and inspired goal. She is dedicating herself to helping at least 1,000,000 men, women and children prevent future illness (mental, emotional or physical).

Touching Real Life Stories

Javier  Slow Turtle, Fast Cheetah How to help your Immune system get stronger.

Slow Turtle, Fast Cheetah
How to help your Immune system get stronger.

Javier’s chances of surviving dropped from 80/20 to 50/50 after an appendicitis attack. He felt extremely sad and lost much of his hope. Instead of making people smile when he came to the hospital, he was all hunched over and sad. His big brown eyes looked down and almost dripped with sadness.

Because Javier’s immune system was low and slow to react, he wasn’t allowed to receive his cancer treatments so he could continue getting better. He felt worried about it. You could see in his big brown eyes that he knew this was not a good thing.

Javier tapped along with Deborah to boost his immune system. Here’s a short example:
Eyebrow: I feel sad because my defenses are down.
Side of the Eye: I don’t want them to be weak and slow.
Under the Eye: It makes me so, so sad that they are weak. It scares me.
Under the Nose: I know it is not good to have weak defenses.
Chin: I don’t want my defenses to be slow like a turtle
Collarbone: Being slow like a turtle won’t help me get better.
Under the Arm: Turtles are great and they have a strong shell, but they are just too slow and I want to get better fast!
Top of the Head: I want my defenses to be as fast as a cheetah, because the cheetah is the fastest animal on the earth.

Get your copy of “The Dragon with Flames of Love” to tap along with Javier as he changed the image of his defenses from “slow like a turtle” to “fast like a Cheetah.” It helped his defenses get stronger as his attitude got better and it put a smile back on his face.

Highly Recommended

Deborah Miller is not only a highly trained professional, she is a gifted healer that has a special gift for helping parents and children dealing with cancer. What Deborah teaches gives them the hope and tools they need for healing. I recommend this book to anyone dealing with a challenging illness, child or adult. You will benefit greatly by her teachings.
– Carol Tuttle, best selling author of The Child Whisperer.

This book is a distillation of love and affection, and dedication not only to a spectacular Technique, but also to children and their serious illnesses. I heartily recommend that if you are in to Tapping, you need to read this book with all your heart. There is so much yet to learn in this amazing adventure called EFT.
– Till Schilling, Emocional Training Ecuador

Ever since hearing of her great work, Deborah Miller has been a hero of mine. I’m very happy that she’s come out with a book so that this healing work can be experienced by a much larger audience. So many great examples of tapping to follow along with, beautifully illustrated – this book is a wonderful gift for children (of all ages) dealing with illness… and the people who love them.
– Brad Yates, Author of “The Wizard’s Wish”

What a beautiful and important book! Deborah Miller has been doing incredible work with children with cancer for years, now her wisdom, love and powerful experiences are available for the world to learn from. I highly suggest you read this book today.
– Nick Ortner, Author of The Tapping Solution

This little book will be an incredible gift for children all over the world who are confronting the rigors of cancer (or other serious illnesses), as well as for their parents. It distills Dr. Miller’s [Dr. Miller’s degree is in Cell and Molecular Biology] compassionate and effective work with hundreds of children into a simple, do-it-yourself resource that will give parents a remarkably effective tool for helping their child cope and thrive with the psychological challenges of cancer and its treatment.
– David Feinstein, Ph.D.
Author, Energy Psychology Interactive

Deborah’s work has been recognized internationally by many in the healing arts community and with the introduction of this book luckily many more will reap the rewards of her wisdom from her dedication and wisdom in the field. This book is a fantastic resource for anyone dealing with pediatric cancer or any other life-threatening illness for that matter. The examples, techniques, and explanation of how EFT works serve to inspire and educate all who are invested in helping children and their families.
– Alina Frank EFT trainer

A beautiful book that will help parents, children and caregivers discover relief in the midst of a difficult time. By teaching tapping, Deborah empowers you with a tool that can help you every step of the way.
– Jessica Ortner, Producer of The Tapping Solution

My dear friend Deborah’s courageous work is leading edge, from the heart and powerful. Her book, The Dragon With Flames of Love is a must read for all families going through the challenge of children facing serious illnesses. Relief, peace and healing can begin as soon as you start reading and Tapping.
– Lori Leyden, PhD
Founder of Create Global Healing
Head of The Tapping Solution Foundation

“The Dragon with Flames of Love” is an invaluable tool for parents of children who are facing serious health issues. It presents usable tools in a straightforward and loving way. I love the way it empowers both parents and children to respond to the struggles they are facing in a way that puts them in control. Deborah’s experience and compassion comes through so clearly in this easy to use book.
– Gene Monterastelli

Deborah Miller’s book, “The Dragon with Flames of Love,” is an act of love. Each page of this book is an invitation to trust in human beings, each story is an opportunity to rediscover the excitement, each feeling put into it is an investment in consciousness. With EFT as a shield and defense, the dragon as an ally and companion, and with Deborah in her role as vital sorceress, these stories, this book, these pages, are a gentle wind that provides a light breeze of confidence in human beings and of love for life. Get close to this dragon to discover the warmth of these flames that are now being lit and that after reading this book, you will not want to extinguish either.
– Luis Bueno
Coach, EFT Trainer, Ericksonian Hypnosis Expert

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The Dragon with Flames of Love - an EFT book to help children with serious illnesses

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