• Would you like to feel comfortable Tapping with children?

• Would you like to help children manage their emotions gracefully and easily?

• Would you like to empower children, including those who are ill or in critical condition?

This interactive online course is designed to help EFT Tapping students and practitioners who want to have the confidence to work with children.

Tapping with children is different than with adults, and very rewarding. Adults think, process, and reflect whereas children feel and experience. Helping a child create a positive focus helps the child (and family members) move through the journey of healing calmly and gracefully and, most importantly, in an empowered way.

Deborah Miller, PhD, author of “The Dragon with Flames of Love: EFT Tapping for Kids” has over 9 years’ experience Tapping with hospitalized children in the pediatric cancer ward. She helps them deal with:
• The shock of diagnosis
• Fear of needles, treatments, surgeries, hospitals, doctors and death
• Reducing pain – emotional and physical
• Traumatic experiences
• Expressing their negative emotions
• Builds confidence
• Helps the child visualize his desired outcome
• Teaches the child to Tap on her own
• Makes Tapping fun!

What This Course Will Provide:
• A presentation of Deborah’s experience
• Demonstrations with volunteers in the group
• Practice in pairs and groups of three
• Discussions of the Tapping Experience, Practical Tips
• Four hours may be applied towards continuing professional development education hours (CPD’s)
• Deborah’s book, “The Dragon with Flames of Love,” containing tapping scripts she has used with hospitalized children and their families, will be available for purchase at a special discount
• 30% of the proceeds will be donated toward the production of Alina Frank and Craig Weiner’s documentary film The Science of Tapping

This course will give you the confidence to work with children. What better way to improve humanity than teach our children to embrace their emotions and release their hurts, and to love and respect themselves and others?

Date: Feb 11, 2017
Hours: 11 am – 3 pm Central Time
Location: Online via Zoom
Cost: 197 USD
EFT students and practitioners only
Sign up link: https://deborah-miller.myshopify.com/products/tapping-for-kids-online-interactive-course-with-a-focus-on-children-healthy-ill-and-the-child-within

2 Responses to “Tapping with Kids (Interactive Online Course)”

  • Radwa says:

    Dear Dr. Deborah

    I would love to attend your online course (Tapping with kids). Can you please let me know when is the closest one you will have.

  • ddmiller says:

    I would be delighted to keep you posted on when I have my next online courses.

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